Secure Lorry Park for Calais Planned

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A new Calais Lorry park is being planned

A new lorry park is planned in CalaisA new lorry park is planned in CalaisA new Calais Lorry park is being planned

Secure zone will hold 230 vehicles

A new “secure zone”  which will holdup to 230 vehicles is to be built in Calais in an attempt to stop migrants boarding lorries bound for the UK.

This new secure area is hoped that it will provide protection for lorries and their drivers, without the worry of migrants trying to board the waiting lorries.

The British home secretary Theresa May said that this is part of a £12million spending package by the UK to try to reinforce security at the French port and provide safety for drivers who are under daily pressure from the imigrants trying to board the lorries.

Other measures that are planned are new secure fencing and also changes to the current road layouts.

Eurotunnel has estimated that there are currently 5,000 migrants in Calais – up from about 600 in January.

The UK is issuing a growing number of fines to hauliers who carry migrants in their lorry – £6.6million in a year

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