Unemployment: The number of job seekers increased in May

The number of jobseekers in France has increased

A surge in unemployment which would not reflect the real trend, according to the Ministry of Labour …

According to figures released earlier today, Wednesday by the statistical service of the Ministry of Labour, the number of job seekers registered at employment centres in Category A stands at 3,552,200 in mainland France in late May 2015. an increase of 0.5 % over the month (16,200) and 5% year on year.

In total, the number of job seekers registered at employment centres in categories A, B, C stands at 5,414,200 in mainland France in late May 2015 (5,717,900 in France including overseas).  The number increased by 1.3% (69,600) in May and 7.9% year on year.

The young and the elderly were the most affected by this new increase: The number of jobseekers in category A and under 25 years of age 50 and over increased by 0.9% (+ 2.9% and 8.7% respectively year on year), while the number of those aged 25 to 49 rose by 0.2% (+ 4.1% yoy).

A more limited increase in reality?

According to the Ministry of Labour, these figures should be interpreted with caution because of an “unusual event”, namely “the strong unexplained drop in the number of job seekers followed updated after multiple reminders, an increase of an exceptional scale. ” “This resulted in a drop in employment centre outputs for discount defects” which makes this figure “is not comparable to previous months and therefore not interpretable” concluded Minister François Rebsamen in a statement.

Without this event, “the number of jobseekers in category A would have increased between 7000 to 10,000,” said the ministry. A development that “would thus better reflect the trend-oriented economy and the gradual improvement of employment”.

Employment centres deny any “problem updating”.”Every month we send a revival, but in May the number of updates was very weak and we have therefore decided to send a second message to job seekers at the end says a sharp rise in the number of updates. This is not a problem but a service in addition we provide, “says one.

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