The Saudis become the first customer of the Regional Airbus A33O

Saudi Arabia have placed an order for the Airbus A330
Saudi Arabia have placed an order for the Airbus A330
Illustration: Airbus A330. – LANCELOT FREDERIC/SIPA

The airline Saudi Arabian Airlines will order fifteen planes …

The airline company Saudi Arabian Airlines will order fifteen Regional Airbus A33O, the first contract for the medium-courier version of this aeroplane, reveals the newspaper La Tribune on its website. The newspaper, citing several sources says the announcement should be made ​​at the Paris Air Show, which begins today, Monday.

Ongoing discussions with Chinese companies

The Saudi national company will be the first to acquire this version of the Airbus A33O, which can carry 400 passengers on destinations up to 5,000 kilometers against 11,000 for the normal version, according to La Tribune.  The advantage over conventional short and medium-haul is to carry more passengers without increasing the number of flights.

The newspaper says that this is a surprise since according to him the observers expected that the first order to be made ​​by a Chinese company, who are more interested in this aircraft to help combat airport congestion.  The Tribune however, that discussions are underway with Chinese companies and that orders could be signed in the coming months.

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