Renaze: Fete de la Musique

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fete de la musique in Renaze
fete de la musique in Renaze
Fete de la Musique in Renaze


Renaze (53) is having their Fete de la Musique this Friday the 26th June starting from 8pm.

There are going to be numerous performances, which I have listed below.

– les chorales – kiosque
– Zumba – Place de l’église
– Angry Beards Duo – Crêperie l’Arlequin
– Thead – Chin’s bar
– Phoebus – Chin’s bar
– Country – Salle de l’Escale
– les grandes bouches – déambulation
– DJ Dam’s  – kiosque

It all starts at *pm in the centre of the village so if you missed out last week on the different Fete de la Musique festivals that were going on and you live closeby, then you could pop along and enjoy yourself.


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