Nantes : A Toy and Game Vending Machine

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Toy and Game vending machine
Toy and Game vending machine
New Toy and Game Vending Machine in Nantes Station

Forty small games of yesteryear are available for sale in this new vending machine …

After a piano, chopsticks distributor, or bikes to recharge your mobile phone, a new bit of equipment has  just joined Nantes Station.  A toy and game vending machine of games and toys is all set up under the sign of departures in the north hall.

Inside the machine there are  38  “traditional vintage toys in traditional style packaging” for both children and adults, consisting of card games, small horses, solitaire,  dominoes, puzzles, games and other optical illusions. “People like and enjoy to be entertained when travelling” , says Anthony Chauvin, co-founder of Leon Truck .  “But we also offer something that is unique that is not found in supermarkets! ”

Other machines coming soon to the Pays de la Loire

Nantes train station is the first to receive the concept, developed by two entrepreneurs from Tours (53). Other machines of this type, which can hold up to 1,000 pieces, should soon be finding there way into different travel sites in the Pays de la Loire region.

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