French give Tap water the thumbs up

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French give the thumbs up to tap water

French give the thumbs up to tap water84 % of French like tap water…..

According to a recent survey, French people like tap water, with 84% of people saying they drink it and like it, and 66% saying they drink it every day.

Although 67% think that tap water is rather expensive, 56% say they drink tap water because it is less expensive than bottled water, with some studies have shown it to be 100 times cheaper.

And while just 22% say tap water is more environmentally friendly the opinion poll for the Centre d’Information de l’Eau found 51% of the French watched how much water they used in order not to waste it.

The Centre’s study also showed that people did not know much about how much their water cost, with a surprising 71% not knowing that the price was fixed by their commune.

The most recent global water quality survey by the World Health Organisation placed France fourth in the Top 10, saying levels of bacteria were very low in the water which was provided by private sector groups regulated by regional water agencies and European legislation.

Last month, at a Paris court, the bottled water company Cristaline was ordered to pay a €100,000 fine plus €50,000 in damages for claiming in a poster advert campaign, that tap water did not taste good, that it contained nitrates, lead and chlorine and that it was no better than the water in toilets.

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