Fire In Channel Tunnel

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Fire in the Channel Tunnnel alert

Fire in the Channel Tunnnel alert

Several fire stations were mobilized around this Sunday morning …

False alarm.  Early this morning, Sunday, a fire alarm went off in the channel tunnel,  mobilizing firefighters near the Channel Tunnel reveals La Voix du Nord .

Tunnel Smoke alarms sounded the alarm about 4.30 am on Sunday morning.  Fire-fighters from neighbouring barracks, including those of Marck and Calais were mobilized to fire suspicion in the southern part of the building.

False alert

Traffic was temporarily interrupted to carry out the usual checks in this kind of situation.  Around 5.40 am, the alert was lifted and traffic was restored.  It is unknown at this time what was causing the trigger smoke detectors.

The last known incident in the building dated May 15. Again fire alarms were triggered, causing traffic disruption. Eurotunnel had evoked a “power problem”.

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