Facebook Will Open a Research Lab on Artificial Intelligence in Paris

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Facebook to open artificial research in paris

Facebook to open artificial research in parisFacebook, the Palo Alto firm has already opened two such sites in California and New York …

Mark Zuckerberg is in search of French talent, Facebook, the social network at 1.4 billion users, has announced the opening in Paris of a research laboratory on artificial intelligence, which has a half-dozen researchers from public and private institutions.

The third laboratory research on artificial intelligence

This is the third facility of this type for Facebook, it already has centres in California and New York, that wants to develop fields such as natural language processing, speech recognition or image recognition.

“We chose Paris for its concentration of talent in the field of research in computer science and artificial intelligence and with whom we want to work,” said  a spokesman during a press briefing.

“Shopping and image recognition will give users all the information they want and sort them according to their interests.”

A team of 40 to 50 researchers

Yann LeCun, a French specialist in artificial intelligence from the University of New York recruited by Facebook in late 2013 to oversee this area, said the image recognition will also “eliminate spam and, ultimately, the violent videos. ”

The  Facebook artificial intelligence research (FAIR) team, in Paris already has six people and will be led by Florent Perronnin, who worked in the laboratories of Panasonic, California, and Xerox in Grenoble.

By the end of the year, the Paris research team should consist of at least a dozen people, with an aim of reaching 40 to 50 people, counting doctorates and post-doctorates.

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