A Heat Wave Could Reach Record Levels in France

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Hot Sunny weather is forecast in France
Hot Sunny weather is forecast in France
Illustration of heat, very sunny weather in Paris. – DUPUY FLORENT / SIPA

FORECASTS: Exceptional weather is scheduled from June 30 …

Prepare the fans.  From Tuesday, June 30th, a very hot and dry weather will settle over most of the country and remain until the end of next week.  The heat will be from the south-west, before rising to the north and east from the 1st of July.

“The country will experience intense heat, the heat wave threshold,” said Thursday the forecaster Meteo France Etienne Kapikian.  It will be hot in Aquitaine, Midi-Pyrénées, Limousin, Auvergne, Languedoc-Roussillon, Provence, but also in Burgundy, Franche-Comté and Rhône-Alpes.  Several temperature records could also be exceeded as it could go higher than 39.1 degrees which was recorded in Dax on 21st  June 2003.  This Friday, the site of Météo-France was expecting temperatures around 40 ° C in Lyon next week.  The record of 39.8 degrees recorded at Lyon, July 22, 1983, could also be beaten.

The extreme northwest of the country will be freshest

“As of June 30th, we can expect temperatures of 35 to 40 degrees in the southwest.  In the Mediterranean, an Orange warning is in place, as it will also be very hot.  And in the Lyonnais, forty degrees is possible, “the forecaster.  The heat will be very painful during the day and it will be accompanied by very soft values ​​overnight.  There will a lack of freshness that could prevent a saving rest.

If you want to stay – relatively – cool, prefer the extreme northwest of the country,  the coastline of Brittany, where there it should be “only” 25 degrees during the heat wave … or the coast of the Riviera, “which will remain around 30 degrees thanks to sea breezes,” said Etienne Kapikian.

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