Pentecost Mass in Pontmain – 4000 faithful gathered

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The pentecost Mass in Pontmain
The pentecost Mass in Pontmain
Pentecost Mass celebrated by Mosignor Thierry Scherrer, the Bishop of Laval. | Sophie Delafontaine

The Bishop of laval and of the Diocese gathered in a Pentecost Mass celebrated at the shrine of Pontmain, Northern Mayenne – 28 adults were also confirmed.

Yesterday, Sunday, under a blazing sun, The Bishop of Laval, Monsignor Thierry Scherrer gathered on the steps of the basilica, to celebrate the Mass of Pentecost.  The mass, lasting more than two hours in front of more than 4,000 faithful of all ages from young children to the elderly.  During the mass, 28 adults were also confirmed into the Church.

The homily called Christians to come together in peace and hope and to evangelize  the heart.  “Christians are persecuted in the name of their faith,”  recalled the bishop. “We Christians of the West, we are called to give a stronger and more courageous sign of our belonging to Christ and the Church. “

Bishop Scherrer urged the faithful not to be afraid or hide. “You can not be half-Christian or follower of a light Christianity. It is not possible. It must be said how Christ has changed our lives for a future and a hope. “

After the Mass, there were picnics taking place in the sun, and many activites were organised throughout the afternoon to entertain the many children that had attended from throughout the diocese.  My Daughter and Nephew were very fortunate to have attended the Mass yesterday, and although they came back exhausted,  after the long day in the sun, they thoroughly enjoyed it.

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