Airbus: A record order book that ensures ten years of work

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Airbus has a full order book and work for 10 years

Airbus has a full order book and work for 10 years

With 6,399 aircraft delivered, Airbus can see it coming for a decade. Unheard of …

Airbus has officially recorded 209 aircraft orders since the beginning of the year.  This amount brings the total to 6,399 aircraft in the order book of Airbus which, according to their calculations, ensures that they have enough work to guarantee ten years of production to assembly lines.

This news is linked to the other news announced last Tuesday, May 5,  when Airbus announced they had secured a large order for ten billion dollars spent by the Colombian airline Avianca. It covers a hundred A320neo, a re-engineered version of the classic Airbus.

The manufacturer also annouced that it had delivered 62 aircraft in April, including three super-jumbo A380.  The biggest airliner in the world celebrates its tenth anniversary  this year,

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