French Driving getting Worse

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french Driving Getting Worse

french Driving Getting WorseAccording to the latest studies of how the French behave behind the wheel, the standard of French driving is getting worse.

The study by TNS-Sofres for the insurer Axa, found that the amount of drivers who claim to obey the highway code to the letter has dropped from 51% to 48% in the past year.

It is the 11th year running that the survey has been carried out. 28% of drivers admitted using a mobile phone while driving, up from 26% a year ago. Half of respondents admitted driving despite feeling tired.

Only about 50% of drivers say they use the indicators correctly, down from 57% last year and only half of those who took part said that they did not stop for pedestrians at a crossing.

67% of drivers admitted getting angry or being abusive towards other drivers.

The study did however find that young drivers’ attitude to alcohol was changing for the better, with 21% of those aged 18-25 saying they drove after drinking two glasses of wine, compared with 28% among other age groups.

The research was carried out by telephone among a representative nationwide sample of 1,510 drivers.

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