Dropbox Targets French users

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Dropbox is targeting french users with the opening of a Frech office

Dropbox is targeting french users with the opening of a Frech office

HIGH-TECH : Dropbox, specialist in storing documents in the cloud has just opened an office in France, led by a former employee of Google …

“We want to be recognized as the best place in the world to store your most important documents.” Waseem Daher, product manager at Dropbox confirms the ambition of the US start-up.  Valued at more than ten billion dollars , the company, founded in 2007, has more than 300 million regular users it today.  To gain more market share and win more Internet users and companies (100,000 at present), Dropbox has decided to set up everywhere on the planet to adapt better to local markets.

The start-up has just opened an office in Paris and recruited a former Google Director from France, Philippe Plichon . “The number of registrations for Dropbox is showing an extremely strong growth. Here, a user is desiring to increase the level of service of their account and can now understand their needs”, he says. “There are a lot of inquiries.”

Readability offers and Safety

A pioneer in the online storage, Dropbox boasts its “simplicity”, the “speed” of its service and “flow” through advanced synchronization technology. The company also highlights its partnership with Microsoft that allows such users to open their Word and Excel files stored on Dropbox on their smartphone and tablet. But the start-up should definitely make its offers more visable. For between Google Drive, OneDrive (Microsoft) or Amazon Cloud Drive,  competition – which he did not worry too much about at the moment, ensures Philippe Plichon – is increasingly fierce .

At a time when the password theft on the Internet regularly hits the headlines, security is a major issue for the company and is not taken lightly.  There are still certain users who are wary at keeping all the data in the cloud and unsure of using online storage, “We use the best technologies,” says Waseem Daher. “All data is encrypted and always use the best practices within the industry and have made great efforts in that direction”.

Six months ago, the company was a victim of bad publicity.  It was publicised that hackers had access to millions of Dropbox accounts .  This gave sleepless nights to many of its users.  Dropbox were quick to counter this claim, stating that its servers were not attacked, but the usernames and passwords of another service not linked were.  Waseem Daher confirmed: “There was an attack on LinkedIn, and passwords from that service were being used to attempt to connect to other services like Dropbox.”

In contrast, the company’s servers had indeed been pirated in 2012 , pushing it to review its security. Waseem Daher still wants to reassure users: “Today we have the ability to use two-factor authentication and it is also possible to delete the contents of your Dropbox remote if you lose your computer. ”

Hopefully these arguments will they be convincing enough?

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