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Auto EntrepreneurSix years since Nicolas Sarkozy launched the Auto-Entrepreneur (AE) status, the results are they are more numerous, but that their income does not take off.

A recent study published by INSEE shows the average income of this new generation of entrepreneurs to be a lot lower than you would expect. It reveals that the average income is in fact just 460 Euros per month, yet is it really possible to call an income of just 460 Euros a true income ?

Yet 487,000 auto-entrepreneurs are economically active today, with an increase of 26% between 2006 and 2011.

Of course some people are using the AE status as a means of some additional income, more than a real profession, so the auto-entrepreneur status would primarily add another salary.

Of course the primary reason was to enable people to become self employed, with the auto-entrepreneur status mainly being used for small business, or those that start with a ceiling of approximately 32,000 euros annual turnover.


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