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Snow on the village Church

Snow on the village ChurchLast night we had more snow fall, which was more heavier than the other day, which meant that we couldn’t do the market this morning at Chateaubriant, which is a shame because it is one of our favourite ones and busier ones as well, but when we heard last night that it was predicted to snow, we decided then that it would be better just to give it a miss instead of taking the risk in travelling to it.

Also of course, if the weather is too bad, then people will just not venture out, except perhaps to quickly get some fresh fruit and veg, or meat and fish.Snow in the Village

By mid-morning the roads hadMore Snow started to clear, although the tempertures were really low, and amber weather warnings were still in force, and are going to be until the weekend, as although the snow is not predicted to last, there is a threat of very icy conditions.

I took some photos, giving you an idea of how much heavier it was compared to the other day, and also took some video, which I will try and post at the weekend.

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