France to allow Sunday Openings ?

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There is talk that ministers are talking and trying to work out a plan to allow shops to open on Sundays and also to have longer hours.

Currently, the working practices and hours of shops are tightly regulated and the thought process behind this idea is that it will help generate more jobs and give a boost to the economy, which is still struggling and unemployment levels are still around the 10 % mark.

This is hopefully going to run into some serious opposition, and rightly so, as one of the pleasures of living in France is having the time to be with the family.  Okay I admit, that occasionally I miss the chance to nip and get something at the last minute, although after living here for so long now, you just learn to organise and structure the day properly.

Quite often, you see ideas like this being floated around with the promise of more jobs and the chance to earn extra money for the extra hours and for the Sunday, but what normally happens as I found out from what has happened in the United Kingdom, is that new workers won’t get the extra pay and benefits and then before long, Sunday then becomes just a normal day.

When I find out any more details of what they are proposing then I will update this post with some more information.

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