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Tout Art Fer 2Tout Art Fer 3Went to the ‘Tout Art Fer’ in Segre (49) today, if you remember I mentioned it in another post about a week ago as I went last year and enjoyed it, so thought we would go again this year.

Arriving just after Lunchtime, it was a wonderful hot day, with a lot of people in attendance.  Through the streets of Segre, you had the Vide Grenier in full flow, as they had been there since the start in the morning, offering a wide variety of items for sale, from clothes to books, CD’s, Videos and DVD’s, Modern and old furniture, Electrical items as well as your usual miscellanaeous items.

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As you walked through the streets you would see several artists painting the various street scenes, trying to finish their paintings before the closing time before judging commences later in the day.

You would also have to make way for the various musical bands, drums  and dancers performing through the streets and in the odd shop, which created a wonderful party atmosphere.

Tout Art Fer 5At the main event, next to the river, you had all the marquees with various art and craft displays of Woodworking, metal work, Scrapbooking, tapestry and a lot of painting being done alongside the river and also being displayed ready for the competition,, being judged later in the day.

Tout Art Fer 6As usual, there was a bar available serving a wide variety of cold refreshing drinks, both alcoholic and non alcoholic, food being served with a covered seating area so you eat in a shady section if you wished, a stage and dancefloor area and plenty of music and dance taking part as well.

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I will upload a few videos shortly when I have a bit more time of some of the dancing and music that was on offer throughout the day.

I really enjoyed the day, and if you get the chance to go next year, then I would thoughly recommend it.

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