Faced with Netflix, Fleur Pellerin wants to “make France a champion of TV fiction”

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Fleur Pellerin September 12, 2014 in TV Fiction Festival of La Rochelle

TELEVISION: The Minister of Culture has moved this Friday at the Festival of TV fiction of La Rochelle, three days of arrival in France Netflix …

J-3. The long-awaited Netflix therefore arrived in France on Monday with its legal offer of films and series as attractive to consumers worrisome for audiovisual players. At La Rochelle, until Saturday invaded by producers, actors, writers, French broadcasters, Netflix was invited … and “did not even answer,” said festival president. But the American giant hovering course Friday on the traditional big debate of the event. On stage, bosses Arte, TF1, France Télévisions and M6 before the intervention of Fleur Pellerin.

“We made a circus around Netflix”

“We need a European regulation completely renovated to include Web players. If we look the trains go, “insisted the president of Arte Véronique Cayla, who insisted on one thing: Facing GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon),” France is not alone, “the “Rebel sentiment” is shared by our British and German neighbours, who “also speak of digital colonisation”. The threat of “colonisation” also concerns that Netflix, to reiterate, will offer content and thus compete with French actors, from its headquarters located in Luxembourg. What circumvent the rules, including those of funding for creation.

“We made a circus around Netflix, launched provocative, TF1 CEO Nonce Paolini. I hear “It’s great, they are the Marseille series”, but they produce 6 episodes, huh.These are the channels that you have before you that fund French creation. “Especially that” Netflix is trying to buy works that make us competitive, “he added, without being moved beyond measure the arrival of a new player.

No “siege mentality” Fleur Pellerin

On the government side, it is still more quiet. “Do not vilify Netflix” : the clear line of Fleur Pellerin for several months, and that she had to defend again this Friday as the new Minister of Culture. A minister who faces the emergence of Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, replied: “I do not have a siege mentality.”

“Netflix has to contribute to the French and European production, the sense of dialogue with them,” she repeated. More generally, the arrival of foreign players in the sector is for him “a development opportunity for our production companies” which “will have to excel” to meet demand increasingly strong programs.

The “Broadchurch” French or “Borgen” French 

As for the fear of the stowaway, Fleur Pellerin recalls having “contributed a lot [in the Ministry of Finance] to equalize conditions of competition from foreign companies within the European Union. And I will continue. ”

The goal: “That makes France a champion for TV fiction. We have the talent, creativity, powerful actors … I’m sure we can do it. “Earlier in the debate, the producer EuropaCorp Anargyros Thomas called for a” revolution editorial “in the image of those took place in Turkey, Israel and the Scandinavian countries.

“Today, we have no right to say-because the creators are there – that France is not able to create, produce and distribute the” House MD “French,” Broadchurch “French or the “Borgen” french. “

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