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Off to the Beach 2Went off to La Baule today as the weather has been so hot, and my daughter is back to college tomorrow, so it’s the last chance to relax and soak up some of the sunshine, and where else is better than on the beach of La Baule.

For those who haven’t been, then it is a place to certainly visit, a traditional seaside resort of Southern Brittany with some beautiful architecture ranging from traditional villas to the modern Casino and holiday apartments overlooking the Beach.  The sandy beach goes on for about 12 kilometres, and the sea doesn’t go too deep too quickly which makes it ideal for a paddle.  Free parking is provided on the promenade, and along the top of the beach are several bars when you can get a cool refreshing drink or snack.

Off to the Beach 3During the hotter weather the beach is normally packed, but there is still ample amount of room most of the time, allowing people to swim, make sandcastles, play tennis or just stroll along the beach.

It was a fantastic day out, made even better by the extremely good weather that we have been having at present.

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