Off to the Lake

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Off to the Lake 1

Off to the Lake 2As we are having such good weather with exceptional temperatures of over 30 degrees, we had a trip down to the lake at Pouance, a small town situated on the borders of four departments, the Maine-et-Loire, The Mayenne, Ille-et-Viliane and the Loire Atlantique.

Off to the Lake 3It is a beautiful village with a very imposing Castle overlooking one of its three lakes that surround the town.  The three lakes are the lake of Tresse, the lake of Pouance, just under the castle and the Lake of Saint-Aubin, which is the lake that we went to.

At this lake which is next to the Municipal Camp Site, you have a small sandy area where you can relax and enjoy the sun, some shady areas under the trees, some picnic benches and some childrens play areas.  If you feel energetic, you can actually walk around the lake, something that I didn’t do today, but perhaps another day.
Off to the Lake 4
The lake is swim-able, and there is a sectioned area which has a Life Guard on duty, during the peak times.

It was a lovely day, helped by the hot weather.  Hope you like some of the photos I have taken of the lake.

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