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France – Best Place in the World ?

An Article I have just come across on France 24.com, is an Irish ratings service has just published a ranking of countries in terms of quality of life. France is considered the best in the world coming before Switzerland and the US and 191 places ahead of Iraq, which comes in last place. So what do the French make of this status?

The ranking is organised each year by International Living, a site that advises Irish expats where best to go next. The countries are valued on different criteria such as living costs, culture and leisure, freedom and the environment. It’s difficult to say if the study has been carried out in a very precise manner; the results differ largely from those of Unesco, which rates countries on the Human Development Index – in which France came tenth place in 2007. Some countries gained from the unusual classification: North Korea for instance, got a better ranking than Indonesia and Kuwait…

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