New Addition to the Family

New Addition to the Family 1

New Addition to the Family 2

We Now Have A Budgie

Now this was not Planned, but wenmy eldest daughter visited us the other day, from Nantes, we noticed our cats trying to get smeting on the window. On a closer inspection, noticed it was a budgie.

We managed to rescue it, and brought it into the house, and it was really quite cute and friendly. We didn’t have a clue where it had come from, and with no neighbours around us, had no chice but to keep it.

So we put it in a box and dashed off to the DIY shop to get a cage, food and toys for it. Would you beleive it, but when we got back it had died. Of course, I had to bury it and all the children were upset, as they had even named it Mika, I was more upset that I had just done a round trip to get a cage which wasn’t cheap for nothing.

Under pressure, We had to then go back out to get another bird, which is picture here, and is named Candy. Its quite cute and the children and my wife like it, and talk to it. I much prefer cats myself.

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