17 July – Day at the Coast


Decided to take advantage of the good weather we have been having and go to the coast today, its just over an hours drive away, and we went just after lunch and again the temperture was soaring up to 36 °C. We normally go to La Baule on the Western Coast, which offers a long strech of golden sand and a gentle breeze from the sea.

For those who haven’t been to La Baule, its a place that you must visit if you have chance to. The beach is the first thing that grabs you with its fine golden sand and lovely clear water with various beach clubs for the children. There is normally free parking on the coast road, although you might have to circle around a couple of times and be patient for a spot to appear.

Opposite the beach you have a line of hotels and holiday appartments as well as the casino. Up the various side streets off the main coastal road you will find a varied collection of shops, boutiques and fish resturants.

It was a fantastic day out, making sand castles and swimming in the sea, before making the journey home, with a short stop at Mc Donalds for a bite to eat.

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