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Normandy: Injury Accidents on the Channel Routes Up 21%

As of Friday 11th August, injury accidents on the roads of the Manche department of Normandy are increasing compared to last year, on the same date. Roadside checks will be larger during the weekend of 15 August.

“Twenty-one people have died including thirteen vulnerable road users (cyclists 6, 4 bikers and pedestrians 3) on the Channel routes. 379 were injured and many retain lifelong consequences, “ announces the Prefect of the Channel this Friday, August 11, 2017. A figure up 21% over last year.

Tighter controls

Following this increase, the security forces, particularly mobilized to conduct tighter checks on the entire road and motorway network in the department.

To avoid new tragedies, on the eve of this holiday weekend, which traditionally generates a lot of traveling, Jean-Marc Sabathé, Prefect of the Channel, called on all road users to the greatest vigilance and strict compliance of the Highway Code.

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