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Facebook Wants to Help French to Identify and Know their Elected

The social network Facebook launches, a device to help its users in France to learn about their elected officials.

If you are a user of Facebook, you might receive from this Tuesday, a rather special notification. It will offer you access to a page to identify your elected local, regional, national and European representative.

Members should indicate their address (they can edit or delete later), and then will display a list including their elected officials (mayor, deputy, senator, regional president, president, MEP) and the Prime Minister. Each with the name of the party and the Facebook page if it exists.

In partnership with a British company

With this device launched on Tuesday, Facebook hopes that many users will begin to follow the activities of their elected officials on its platform, or political theme in particular. To do this, the US giant has partnered with MySociety, a British firm nonprofit that works in the field of “civic tech” (technologies for public life and citizenship).

This initiative follows the “Outlook”, a comparative program launched by Facebook in April on the occasion of the presidential election, which allowed the reading of an article to find the proposals of the various candidates on specific topics.

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