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The French host OVH, Victim of a “massive” Attack

From 18 to 23 September the French host OVH has had to deal with an attack “DDoS”, a denial-of-service attack, on an unprecedented scale.

Unclear who was able to conduct this type of attack and all assumptions are on the table …  a competitor, a state or cybercriminals / hackers tempted by the attack of one of the largest web hosts internet in the world.

We know it is an “army” of more than 145,000 infected cameras that have simultaneously sent a huge volume of data (up to 1 terabits / second, according to the boss of OVH), to the company’s servers to saturate. But the infrastructure has held up and the attack failed.

Number 1 in Europe

OVH, a French web hosting company based in Roubaix, was established in 1999. The company employment 1,200 employees and has 250,000 servers in 17 data centers.

This is the number 1 hosting company in Europe and the 3rd largest web host in the world.  And for those who wonder what OVH means, look no further, this could not be simpler: “On Vous Héberge (We Sleeps You)” .

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